Resurge Reviews 2021 – Does Resurge Supplement Work?

Losing weight is a project that many people are trying to tackle, but only few make it. The big problem is that they put their natural needs behind them and live on a diet that restricts their quality of life and upsets the human metabolism. They also fail to sleep well. I would like to introduce Resurge below. It is a product that does not require a radical life change, and it helps you lose weight while you sleep. In this Resurge Supplement review, we will consider what this product is, how it works, its benefits, as well as any drawbacks. So read on to find out these and more! 

What is Resurge Supplement?

Sleep is important for good health; however, few people know how important it is when it comes to weight loss and burning body fat. Some of the benefits of good sleep include promoting longevity, improving memory, sharpening attentiveness, promoting muscle building, improving sex drive, and keeping you youthful.

Resurge supplement is a supplement that was designed from a combination of ingredients that are proven to deal with stubborn belly fat, unexplained weight gain and metabolism slowdown.

A new research proves that deep kind of sleep increases your body metabolism and helps you to burn more fat as you sleep.

A lack of sufficient sleep can result in several complications; including weight gain.

Why does this happen?

Well, the hormone Cortisol is responsible for this. Cortisol is made to promote fluid retention as well as inhibiting fat burning. Hence, it is the perfect hormone to promote weight gain. However, since you are looking to lose weight, you need to manage the production of this hormone. As you sleep, levels of the growth hormone spike and reduces weight. The growth hormone promotes the usage of fat for fuel and prevents the storage of fat. Resurge helps to improve your sleep, thus helping you reduce weight.

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Who made the Resurge Supplement?

The Resurge supplement by Mr. John Barban was formulated with natural ingredients that are most essential for our body to burn calories and don’t have any adverse effects on our bodies.

If you have ever tried health products before, then you might already know about John Barban because of his many exceptional health products. He is the creator of the Resurge product.

John Barban is a well-known fitness coach and respected health trainer with an extensive track record in the dietary sports nutrition supplement industry. Not only has Resurge supplement creator’s past been decorated inside the wellness product market. But the popular wellness mentor also created or worked closely with high-profile brands such as BlueStar Nutraceuticals, MuscleTech, Slimquick, Empowered Nutrition Products, NxLabs and ADS. John Barban also carries many personal training fitness certifications such as NSCA CSCS, ACE PT, CSEP and is a certified kinesiologist. Once he had all of the educational backgrounds with a University of Guelph degree in human biology and nutrition. Still, he also has a Masters in Human Biology and nutrition and furthered his studies at the University of Florida in exercise physiology. John has also been affiliated with popular weight loss and fitness programs such as Thin from Within, Flat Belly Forever, Adonis Workout, V-Taper Solution and VPX Fat Loss System. 

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How does the Resurge Supplement work?

It is made of ingredients that are unique, natural, and that really work. You will also get capsules that will target your body functionality. Not only does it help in losing weight, but it also starts the anti-aging process.

It will remove radicals and make you look younger and beautiful. The supplement will balance your energy level and remove the waistline fat.

It aims to turn body fat into energy so that you get more strength even after dropping weight. It mostly targets the root cause of fat and makes it not happen again. Moreover, you will get a balanced blood sugar level, which will heal your body. The product has great news for people facing bad sleep issues. It features ingredients that contribute to a night of better sleep and make you fall asleep quickly.

Let’s consider some of the ingredients and their functions.

  • 1200mg Arginine & 1200mg Lysine. These natural amino acids increase HGH release during sleep by up to 695%, which helps to slow the aging process and can lead to weight loss.
  • 200mg L-Theanine. This ingredient can reduce anxiety and resting heart rate, significantly increasing the duration of the ‘deep sleep’ stage of rest.
  • 150mg East Indian Ashwagandha plant. This natural remedy has been known to decrease stress, cortisol, and anxiety, promoting a more relaxed sleep.
  • 10mg Melatonin. This compound helps users get to sleep faster & increase the duration of their deep sleep.
  • 50mg Magnesium & 15mg Zinc. Improves ease of getting to sleep & morning alertness
  • 100mg Natural Amino Acid Hydroxytryptophan. Enhances the effects of melatonin & improves the quality of deep sleep.

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How does sleep benefit the body? 

A solid, sound amount of deep sleep each night can come with several important benefits. In addition to the obvious boons to energy and general wellness, deep sleep can have anti-aging properties, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Most importantly for this supplement’s purpose, though, a continuous regimen of uninterrupted deep sleep can help to maximize the function of the metabolism and boosting natural HGH production, which works overtime to burn fat in the body. At the same time, we fall into a deeper rest.

These benefits all feed into one another; higher energy helps to optimize workouts when we are awake, which helps to reduce the signs of aging and assist us on our journey to health and fitness. The Resurge Deep Sleep & HGH Support supplement was John’s formula for overcoming shallow sleep syndrome caused by natural aging and blue light, which Mr Barban emphatically expresses that “blue light kills deep sleep”.

Bonuses Included with your Purchase

Aside from the pill, when you buy the Resurge supplement, you’ll also get some bonuses. Here are some of them:

  • VFX Body Access

You will get a VFX Body Access bonus through which you will know how to get in shape. It will help you to get an attractive and beautiful figure that you might only dream of. So it’s going to make your body-shape dream come true.

  • Thin From Within

You will get a Thin From Within item, which not only is going to lose your weight but also will make you acquire many health profits. It will make your body ready for the weight loss process so that you don’t get any disease after burning body fat.

  • Fat Belly Forever

You will get a Fat Belly Forever program that will give a permanent belly fat dropping technique. It is going to deliver you a life-time solution so that you don’t get your fat belly again.

  • Adonis Golden Ratio

This supplement carries an Adonis Golden Ratio providing you with the exact ingredient ratio that you should take to get the result. A wrong proportion in your diet can make you not achieve your weight loss targets. 

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Benefits of using Resurge Supplement

  • Better Sleep

Many people have a sleep disorder due to which they are unable to sleep properly. This issue is contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you have such a problem, then you might feel irritated, depressed, which will affect your daily routine work. However, this product will support you to get better sleep, which will increase your productivity during your daily work.

It ensures to deliver you a deep nap, which further makes your health sound. The program eradicates an unhealthy routine from your life and makes you get what you wish from this product.

  • Manage Appetite

To make you crave less for food, Resurge supplement manages your appetite. It will make your body ready for a lesser eating habit. The program aims leptin resistance, which is the cause of hunger.

You will get natural ingredients that will deliver whole new stamina and energy in your body. The program works to remove all the weight gain cells and give you a lean body.

  • Healthy

Furthermore, it’s a healthy product with many health benefits. It will convert body fat into energy, which will give a whole new power to your body.

The product ignites the fat-burning state in your body and makes it stop storing fat. It will provide your body with balanced calories so that you can lose weight. The product focuses on insulin, carbohydrates, and all other items that can make your body gain weight.

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How to Use Resurge Supplement

Before you plan to start using Resurge Diet Pills, you need to be careful and conscious about the dosage amount.

You should not be consuming it if your age is below 18 years. You should be following the dosage guidelines and should not exceed the dosage amount at all. It is not at all recommended for pregnant ladies.

Never purchase fake bottles of diet pills. If you are already using some other medications, you should avoid using this supplement. 

Are there any side effects? 

Resurge is a diet pill that is medically tested and is completely proven. But it is always recommended that you should be consuming the pills according to the dosage amount. In case you exceed the dosage amount, then definitely your body can experience some side effects.

Resurge diet pills are FDA approved and certified by GMP. It won’t be showing any side effects or harms to a human body at any stage.

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Where to buy Resurge Supplement

Since this supplement has proven to be very effective, there are many on the market looking to sell fake supplements using the Resurge brand. Many consumers have lost money by buying from such folks. Therefore, if you are looking to buy this product, it is recommended that you research the website you are looking to buy from.

Do your careful research before purchase, or buy from the official website.

Pros of Resurge

  • Easy to take
  • Lose weight practically in sleep
  • Without side effects or risks
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Very suitable for everyday use


  • People tend to intake excessively thinking their fat will burn faster.
  • You must pay the shipping charges for the product.

Who should use Resurge Supplement?

All those who would like to lose weight but have not been successful with other diet programs. For them, it is worth a try, because they lose weight practically in their sleep. Age is not an issue, so both the younger and older generations can benefit from the effect. The user should only have reached the age of 18 years. Furthermore, it does not matter whether the user is male or female. The same effect can be achieved with both. Furthermore, the program is also suitable for those who are massively overweight and therefore want to lose weight in a controlled way. Even if you have already tried other products of this kind, this one can be very effective and is worth a try.


If you are looking for some trusted product in the weight loss field, then Resurge must be your first pick. It comes with healthy ingredients as well as an anti-aging supplement that works for your wellbeing. In summary, I would say that Resurge is a working product which can help you to fulfil your weight loss dream. It features many health benefits that can make you enjoy a healthy life. The program includes all the essential items that you should take to overcome your belly fat.

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Resurge is a weight loss supplement that has been made to help speed up your body metabolism especially at night while you’re sleeping leading to greater body fat burn that normal dieting, exercise and other pills can achieve

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The Resurge supplement is a legit program. It comes in a bottle full of supplements naturally combined for better and improved health. The product has bonuses and a 60 days money-back guarantee if the user dislikes the product. If in case the bottles are returned empty, the money will be returned without a second question.

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